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Lukas M. Süss (aka mechadense)

  • e-mail: (see image above)
  • homepage: https://lsuess.github.io/index.html
  • residence: Austria Vienna
  • •Sprache wechseln (de)
  • Interests

    My primary interests lie in the area of advanced forms of manufacturing (both in the near and the more remote future) which foster material deglobalization. This is about local methods of manufacturing which can replace industrial methods of manufacturing without an unacceptable loss of product functionality. In the near future there lies 3D-printing and small scale robotic assembly that's usable at home. In the more remote future there's atomically precise manufacturing of with gem-gum-factories for your pants pockets.

    Furthermore I'm interested in advanced forms of programming.
    That is programming languages that where discovered and not invented (citing Phillip Wadler). Such languages are — to little surprise — more practical for very large scale system engineering.

    Here are some details about the origins of my interests i.e. my motivations.
    More of my far reaching other secondary technical interests can be found here (nothing published yet). If you want to know about my recreational interests you best get to know me personally / contact me per mail.

    Published Work

    Most of my published work can be found on:
  • My Tingiverse account (free 3D models for 3D printing)
  • My APM-wiki (informations about the topic of atomically precise manufacturing)

  • Currently I'm working on demo-implementations of:
  • a reinforcement chain based frame system principle (ReChain)
  • a class of self replicating Pick & Place Robots (RepRec)
  • •and some other stuff ...

  • A few other things which I have published are dispersed over the respectively matching web-hosting-providers (provided there are suitable gratis hosting-services). Here's a link to my diverse presences on the web.

    This homepage is hosted on Github. (It's based on the zim-Wiki software - a desktop-wiki)
    My Github Repositories:
  • scad-lib-cyclogearprofiles
  • •more coming up ...

  • Created Thursday 2017-03-02
    Backlinks: 01.Home-de

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